One of the defining characteristics of Aurora Queen's earrings is their versatility. They are perfect for both formal and casual occasions, and can be paired with a variety of different outfits to create a sophisticated and stylish look.

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The necklaces in the Aurora Queen collection come in a variety of styles, from delicate chains with dainty pendants to bold statement pieces featuring intricate designs and pearls . Many of the necklaces feature unique and unusual shapes and are often inspired by nature and live.

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Aurora Queen's bracelets are a symbol of luxury and elegance, and are highly coveted by fashion-forward individuals around the world. Whether you're looking for a classic and understated piece or a bold statement accessory that will turn heads, an Aurora Queen bracelet is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

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  • Emily Janes

    "Pearl chain elegant and simple round pearl design gold chain and tiny pearl necklace can be worn on any occasion. It looks wonderful, I got lots of compliment, It is a great choice for sensitive skin. Comfortable and safe to wear for long time necklaces."

  • Prabin Shakya

    "My wife keeps losing her pearl type earrings and usually has only one of each set left, but this time she has run out of all of them, so we ordered them from Aurora Queen, there was a large selection of quality and size, and were very reasonable in price. She is really pleased with the ones we got, and nice to know we can get more so easily when she loses them again.!"

  • Cynthia

    "I wear pearls multiple times a week with my "business professional" office wardrobe. When the coating had worn off of my last pair of faux pearls, I decided to try these pearls as they were the same size and length that I usually wear. The pearls themselves ended up being a bit bigger than I thought they would be, but they still look great. The cord that binds the pearls is a bit stiff, but I'm sure it will loosen up with wear. The clasp is large and secure, which I wanted so that I could add a silver necklace extender that I've used with other pearl sets in the past (which gives me more flexibility with the length of the necklace). I'd recommend this necklace for everyday wear, bridal wear, or just feeling fancy while doing the dishes!"